Prepositions of place & location

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Note these rules for preposition use related to place and location:

at + places

at the café, at the train station, at the movie theater, at the stoplight, at home, at work
Example: Bob is at the train station right now.


in + bodies of water

in the water, in the pool, in the sea
Example: Abby is in the pool.


in + towns, cities, countries

in Westport, in New York, in the United States
Example: John lives in the United States.


in + towns, cities, countries

on the desk, on the floor, on the table
Example: Your coat is on the floor.


on + surfaces

On Earth, on Mars
Example: Is there life on Mars?


on + planets

on the left, on the right
Example: Ours is the second house on the right.

Preposition of place with verbs of movement

  • When you have a verb of movement (come, go, walk, run, fly, etc), use the preposition “to” instead of “at.”
    • I’m walking to work today.
    • John is flying to Florida.
    • Mary will run to the store.
  • With “home” and a verb of movement, use no preposition.
    • We drove home.
    • I’m flying home tomorrow.
  • With the verb “visit”, use no preposition.
    • We visited France last year.
    • We visited Joe and Susan at their summer home.
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