Prepositions with adjectives

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Here's a list of common adjectives with the prepositions they typically take:

Afraid of
Annoyed about (something)
Annoyed with (someone)
Attached to
Aware of
Bored with
Capable of
Concerned about
Dependent on
Different from
Dressed in
Embarrassed about
Enthusiastic about
Excited about
Famous for
Fond of
Good at (= skilled at something; for example, math)
Good for (= beneficial for something; for example, your health)
Good to (= nice to someone)
Guilty of
Hesitant to
Interested in
Knowledgeable about
Known for
Married to
Nervous about
Opposed to
Pleased with
Popular with
Proud of
Related to
Rich in
Satisfied with
Serious about
Similar to
Sorry about / for
Suspicious of
Typical of
Unusual for
Used to
Worried about

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