Prepositions with time

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Note these rules for preposition use related to time:

at + time of day

At 4:30 p.m., at noon, at midnight

on + day of the week
on + exact date
on + holiday

on Monday, on Thursday June 2nd
on April 14, 1865, on December 1, 2007
on Memorial Day, on Labor Day (but: over Labor Day weekend)

in + month
in + decade
in + century
in + year
in + time of day
in + future time

in January, in March
in the 90ís
in the Nineteenth Century
in 1980
in the morning, in the evening (but: at noon, at midnight)
Iíll see you in a few weeks.

over + more than one day

over the holidays; over the weekend

no preposition with:

tomorrow, yesterday
next + week, year, etc
last + week, year, etc

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