Verb tenses - Simple future

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How to form it: (will) + (verb). Examples: I will run; she will play. THE BIG PICTURE:
Use this tense to:

  1. Talk about actions or conditions that will occur in the future.
    Example: Paul will graduate from Harvard in 2010.
  2. To express a promise or intention.
    Example 1: We’ll call you when we get to the airport.
    Example 2: I’ll see if I have any helpful contacts for your job search.
  3. To volunteer to do something.
    Example: I’ll make chocolate chip cookies for the bake sale.
  4. To command somebody to do something.
    Example: You’ll clean up your room right now!

NOTE: When forming questions, use “shall” instead of “will” for (I/we) sentences. Examples:

  • Shall we dance?
  • Shall I go to the store and pick up something for dinner?

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