Verb tenses - Future Continuous

QUICK QUIZ: Simple Future & Future Continuous

Answer the questions below. When finished, click the "Check your answers" button to get your score. Have fun!

    1) What a mess! We _____ up here for hours.

      will clean
      will be cleaning

    2) Next Saturday at this time, we _____ on the beach in Mexico.

      will relax
      will be relaxing

    3) You ____ your homework before you go out tonight.

      will finish
      will be finishing

    4) If you need help finding a new job, I ____ you.

      will be helping
      will help

    5) If you need to reach us, we ____ at the Fairmont Hotel.

      will stay
      will be staying

    6) We ____ you as soon as we arrive in Paris.

      will call
      will be calling

    7) You _____ yourselves in the Caribbean, while we’re stuck here in New      York with this cold weather!

      will be enjoying
      will enjoying

    8) Susan _____ credit card payments until her debt is all paid off.

      will be making
      will make

    9) Please leave the dishes. I ____ them tomorrow.

      will be doing
      will do

    10) While you’re in the kitchen preparing snacks, Jim and Jeff _____ the        SuperBowl.

      will watch
      will be watching

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