Verb tenses - Future Perfect Continuous

QUICK QUIZ: Future Perfect & Future Perfect Continuous

Answer the questions below. When finished, click the "Check your answers" button to get your score. Have fun!

    1) By the time Tom gets to the airport, we ______ for over three hours!

      will have been waiting
      will have waited

    2) As of the end of May, Susan ______ enough credits to earn her Masterís      degree.

      will have been earning
      will have earned

    3) By the time you arrive for dinner, we _____ our kids to bed.

      will have already put
      will have already been putting

    4) This time next month, I _____ here for an entire year.

      will have worked
      will have been working

    5) By the time she takes her medical board exams in September, Rachel      _____ a total of 15 practice exams.

      will have taken
      will have been taking

    6) Since youíll be arriving late for the meeting, we _____ much of our agenda      by the time you come.

      will have already covered
      will have been covering

    7) Next month, Nancy _____ Spanish at Wilton High School for 30 years.

      will have been teaching
      will have taught

    8) By the end of next month, Joey ____ enough money to afford a new DVD      player.

      is going to have been saving
      is going to have saved

    9) By the time our visitors from Russia come next month, we _____      construction on our new house.

      are going to have finished
      are going to have been finishing

    10) By the time she retires next year, Lisa _____ 25 years as a receptionist        with Krebbs Industries.

      will have been spending
      will have spent

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