Verb tenses - Past perfect continuous



    1) Before she ____ her driver’s license, Melissa _____ the bus to school      every day.

      got…had been taking
      had gotten…had been taking
      had been getting…took

    2) The sink was overflowing because water ______ into it all day.

      had been dripping

    3) Mike ________ a promotion for three years before he finally ____ one.

      had been requesting…got
      had been requesting…had gotten
      requested…had gotten

    4) Joey ______ of asking Sandra to the high school prom, until he ______      that Sandra already had a boyfriend.

      was thinking…had realized
      had been thinking…had realized
      had been thinking…realized

    5) Before she _____ a bad review, Lisa _________ to see the movie “Man in      a Purple Suit.”

      read….had been planning
      was reading…had been planning

    6) The cashier’s feet hurt yesterday because she _____ on them all day.

      is standing
      had stood
      had been standing

    7) The detective finally ____ the crime that he ______ on for six months.

      was solving…had been working
      had been solving…worked
      solved…had been working

    8) It wasn’t surprising when Suzi’s stuffed dog finally lost his ears. She      _____ on them for months!

      was pulling
      had been pulling
      had pulled

Answer Key: 1) got…had been taking ; 2) had been dripping; 3) had been requesting…got ; 4) had been thinking…realized; 5) read….had been planning; 6) had been standing ; 7) solved…had been working; 8) had been pulling
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