Verb tenses - simple past / past perfect


Answer the questions below. When finished, click the "Check your answers" button to get your score. Have fun!

    1) We _____ into our new home last summer.

      have moved
      have moven

    2) Nancy really loves her job at Pfizer. She ________ there since 1995.

      was working
      has been working

    3) What year _____ from college?

      were you graduating
      have you graduated
      did you graduate

    4) "Angela, please stop chatting on the phone with friends during work hours. I _____ to you about this issue many times before."

      have spoken
      was speaking

    5) I _____ to Japan, but I'd be interested in going.

      never been
      have never been
      was never

    6) During my visit this morning, Dr. Patel told me not to worry about my health problem. He said he _____ this problem many times before.

      has seen
      was seeing

    7) After Lisa's cat _____, she decided to get a dog.

      was dying
      has died

    8) We ____ in San Francisco for four years. We really like it here.

      have lived
      were living

    9) I ____ from New York to Prague many times.

      have flown
      was flying

    10) You look familiar. I swear I ____ you somewhere before.

      was seeing
      have seen

Answer Key: 1) moved; 2) has been working; 3) did you graduate; 4) have spoken; 5) have never been; 6) has seen; 7) died; 8) have lived; 9) have flown; 10) have seen
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