Verb tenses - Present perfect continuous

QUICK QUIZ: Present perfect, present perfect continuous, simple past

Choose the correct answer. When finished, check your answers with the Answer Key below.

    1) Lately, Tanya _____ a little tired.

      has felt
      has been feeling

    2) The Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii _______ 16 times since 1900.

      has erupted
      has been erupting

    3) The Smiths recently ______ from their trip to Russia.

      have been returning
      have returned

    4) Paul ________ for a promotion for the past year.

      has asked
      has been asking

    5) Since the last poll, the Presidentís approval ratings _____ yet again.

      have dropped
      have been dropping

    6) Iím not going to watch this DVD with you. I ______ it several times.

      already saw
      have already seen
      have already been seeing

    7) Eugene ______ a psychologist for the past year, and he finds it very helpful.

      has seen
      has been seeing

    8) Recently, Jim _____ about changing careers.

      has thought
      has been thinking

    9) Last week, I ____ every day. I feel so good!

      have exercised
      have been exercising

    10) Last year, Neil and Kim _____ Mount Everest.

      have climbed
      have been climbing

Answer Key: 1) has been feeling; 2) has erupted; 3) returned; 4) has been asking; 5) have dropped; 6) have already seen; 7) has been seeing; 8) has been thinking; 9) exercised; 10) climbed
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